The 20th century was rather interesting, as plenty of creations appeared on the market. British, Australian, French, and many other nationalities aimed to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. And we can say that many short stories, essays, playwrights, science fiction or even non-fiction books are worthy of the first places on your reading list. Anyhow, if you are looking forward to discovering which are the most influential authors of the 20th century, you are in the right place! Up next, we’ve shared our list of the best authors that are worth reading at least once in a lifetime!

George R. R. Martin

Who thought that a fantasy novel would gain so much popularity? Well, George R. R. Martin gained a place as one of the most influential authors of recent years with the series `A Song of Ice and Fire`. Indeed, he might seem to be just a mere SF writer, but we can tell you that between his lines, you will discover interesting information about the world we live in.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank didn’t have the chance to become the most excellent writer in history, but we can say with certainty that if she would’ve lived, she would’ve most likely gained a place there. She was one of the thousands of Jewish kids killed in the Holocaust. And her diary became one of the most prolific and discussed books ever thanks to her father publishing it.

George Orwell

In our opinion, George Orwell’s books predicted how technology would take over our lives. Indeed, his work is vivid and extremely powerful, making the reader think twice about his daily choices. Orwell is considered to be the sharpest satirical fiction author of the 20th century due to his masterpiece `Nineteen Eighty-Four`.

Roald Dahl

Another interesting author you should read is the British novelist Roald Dahl. He is known worldwide due to his interesting and humorous tales for children. And we do believe his work isn’t exclusively for children. His writing style makes his work enticing even for adults!

Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov will remain forever in the history of SF books as one of the best authors of the 20th century. His work offered an enticing and entertaining series of SF stories, with most of the inspiration taken for his field of study, Physics. And we do believe one has a lot to learn from Asimov’s books. There is plenty of information about astronomy, mathematics, chemistry., the Bible, and many more.

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood became popular thanks to her novels and poems. It is one of the most sold Canadian writers of the century, being loved for her interesting fiction created around influential feminists. Overall, her books are great for getting an in-depth understanding of how society treats women and how ladies can improve the world we live in. We do love that in each book published by Atwood, there is a powerful personality hidden underneath.

Written by Edgar Maroney. His work has been published in 5 languages and countless magazines, such as Popular Mechanics, O Magazine, and Credit Glory.

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